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The future is here and it is video. Big companies like Dropbox, Google, and Groupon are all incorporating video onto their websites and their companies continue to massively grow. With so much junk out on the web today you need something that will grab your viewer’s attention the second they land on your website.

Whiteboard Videos not only accomplish this, but they also create a personal connection with your viewer leading to more phone calls and conversions for you.

Since you found this website you probably get that, and may be thinking “Why should I get my Whiteboard Video from these guys?”

Well our boutique Whiteboard Video Production studio takes a bit of a unique approach to projects. Founded and located in Los Angeles we have always believed that quality relationships and a unique understanding of our clients companies is the only way to conduct business. Our studio is about people, and great people make great projects!

All of our projects include:

– Creative Script Writing
– Professional Voice Over
– Unique Character Design
– Custom Storyboarding
– Kinetic Animation
– Music Track & Sound Effects
– HD 1080p Deliverable

Here’s How Our Process Works:

1. One on One Consultation: To start we setup a one on one consultation to dive into the guts of your company’s mission and goal to make sure that your explainer video is going to do exactly what you need it to do.

2. Script Creation: Based on our initial meeting with you we compose a script that presents your company in the best way possible while still retaining your core mission and message.

3. Professional Voice Over: Once the script is approved we send it to be recorded by one of our professional voice over artists. UK and AUS voices are available.

4. Animation: Our animators jump into the studios in order to bring your project to live in an intriguing, fun, and professional manner

5. Music, Sound Effects & Delivery: Music and sound effects are added to the final video as what we would call the “Cherry on Top” and then your final video is delivered in HD 1080p format

Our Work

Below are a couple of our Whiteboard Videos, you can check out more at our portfolio here.

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Whiteboard animation takes advantage of your customers different senses, emphasizing visuals, sound effects, and professionally written and recorded sales copy to really strike the right emotional hot buttons. As Whiteboard videos become more and more popular it is becoming essential to utilize their power to stay a step ahead of your competition.

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