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What Is The Cost Of Creating An Explainer Video?

This is the most-asked question we hear from people: “What isthe cost of creating an explainer video?”

You’ve probably heard that the cost of an explainer video can vary from anywhere between $1,500 to $50,000.

Pricing depends on the quality of work, the level of detail a video contains and customization, and the experience of the team i.e. how well versed they are in their skills. These are the most general factors that willdefine your pricing.

Most people are shocked when they hear the price of an effective explainer video. However, if you don’t know how much time and effort it takes to produce a great explainer video, it would be too hard for you to estimate the exact pricing, and you don’t really need to be shocked about where your money is going.

At Completion Web Studio, we create handcrafted videos because each and every part of the video needs special attention and yes, creating them is definitely a time-consuming process. Certain phases, like the animation part, can sometimes take weeks lots of hard work to get right.

Generally, a normal project takes 6-8 weeks to finish and involves nearly 6 or more different steps.

If this sounds like a lot of work to you, well… yes it is! And that’s not even counting the time that goes into meetings, emails, calls, uploads, renderings and more.

Still wondering if the price is worth it?

The next time you are thinking of creating an explainer video for your business and asking for prices, keep in mind all the above factors that go into a great video and even more what it can give you in exchange.