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Video Animation- Benefits, The Future, and What You Need To Know

After dealing with dozens of clients trying to get there companies going online, I have come to realize a few things
1. People no longer read online. They want information spoon fed to them. Having to read a 1,000-word plain content is considered a “pain”. If you can make feeding them there food (information) as easy as possible, they will love you.
2. There are billions of websites out there. Out of these websites, how will yours stand out?
It is undeniable that maintaining an effective website, or perhaps achieving your site’s goal of increasing conversions and actually making sales, is a bitter pill to swallow. On average, many websites have failed to convert at all since they fail to make a personal connection with their viewers.

What your viewers want these days is for a website to offer them value.

Adding a video on your website homepage will give it more reasons to stand out from the crowd and grab attention from your viewers.

Video has now become the fastest growing media and marketing tool. It would simply be an opportunity lost if you don’t take part of its success. Websites that feature videos as primary content media like YouTube have now become one of the most visited sites in the world and taking a lesson from the bigs can help massively grow your own business.


So, how do you create an effective video that converts people to buyers?

I say there are two really important things

First, make your video different and entertaining.

Viewers always search for something entertaining, they want to be stimulated.

This offsets the monotony of similar videos and makes me become more immersed and open to the content when watching it.

Wouldn’t it be great to know more about cooking the perfect pizza with someone actually demonstrating the steps to you rather than reading a pizza recipe?

Second, keep in mind what your customer wants.

Knowing your customer is crucial since our viewers are our potential customers. Recognizing their needs and dreams and providing them with solutions to these frustrations will attract them more.

Pretend that your viewer is going to be sitting next to you the whole time as you are making the video and you are asking them their feedback as you go through.

Understand what their biggest fears and frustrations are as well as their dreams and goals, and use those as the basis for your video, and for any advertising in that matter.