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Read All About Whiteboard Videos

The human brain naturally accepts the things when they are presented visually rather than in text form. This is a fact that has been proven again and again during classroom lectures and scientific studies.The principle behind this is the human mind is more familiar to pictures (We see literally thousands every day!) so information collected in the form of pictures/video is easier to remember and has a profound effect on the mind.Videos to advertise should be made keeping in mind the viewpoint of your customer and what he/she’s desires are.

What is a whiteboard video?

The whiteboard video creation process is a method to explain a company’s core message, product, or service with the help of a creative story using the same learning method we grew up using, a whiteboard. Because of increasing popularity of these videos more and more companies are adding these videos onto their homepage or onto the most prominent page in their website.

How it can benefit your business?

It has been seen that adding video to the webpage has increased conversion rates to a great extent resulting into more traffic for your website and consequently better Google rankings for your website. It is a part of the explainer video family in which animation is hand drawn and recorded in a video. It is a low cost process and for this reason every company from a small scale to the bigger ones are using whiteboard videos to enhance the fame of their business and to get more and more customers.

What are the steps that we take during construction of a whiteboard video?

First step: Make a script that defines your company’s process in 90 seconds.

Second step: Add a professional voiceover based on the script.

Third step: Create the animation.

Fourth step: Add Music and sound effects the video is delivered in HD 1080p format.

Whiteboard videos have the ability to turn the complex looking ideas and texts into an easy to understand video. It is definitely a fairly new approach in the world of digital marketing and a great way add value to your business.