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How Is An Explainer Video Made?

If you’re here reading my post chances are you might be planning to create an explainer video for your business or you’re wondering“How do you build an explainer video?”

Don’t worry, as in this blog I will explain to you the proceduresgoing on behind the curtains. Like every many other things e.g. if you are going to purchase a gold ring on a jewelry store you need to find out about the size, design and style, and then whether you want a diamond studded ring or not. Likewise, an explainer video needs a few things such as a script, some hand-drawn pictures, a storyboard and then a voiceover as well.

Here are 7 quick steps that we take to create an explainer video:


After hours spent in a brainstorming session understanding your company and your goals, we put together what’s necessary and think about what else can be added to achieve your videos objective.


The foundation of any great video is a creative story that can engage your audience to the concept. Once we’ve decided what your goal is, we will then craft together a script that will convey your message to the target audience in the best possible way.


After you and your team have approved the concept we’ll plan out a storyboard that shows how the script will run scene by scene.


Next comes the style. These customized, full-color pictures will give you a glance of what your final movie will look like, and based on your movie, may include text, figures, background scenes, icons and more!


This step will see us add a voiceover to your video. You’ll have to pick out a professional voiceover artist that’s congruent with your brand to deliver your core message.


With the storyboard and style in position, and the perfect recording in place, we are ready to produce your video with the best animation that suits your brand.

Sound Design

The final stage of your video is designing the sound. We will work on the clarity of sound and sound effects to give your video a beautiful finishing touch.