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Nick Piscitello-Completion Web Studios

Nick Piscitello,Creative Services Director



One day back in 2007 Nick was trying to get a website made in order to get a new book that he had written out into the world.  He had interviewed dozens of web designers and none of them seemed to see where he was coming from, nobody understood his vision for his product.  He truly wanted to get his idea out there but with little to no quality options he settled with mediocrity….

After months of hassling back and forth with a web designer to make small changes and brief and re-brief the designer on the ideas he wanted, somehow… the website got put together.  Nick was happy, but he wanted to see it in action, he wanted to see what results would come.  So he started to market it…..tons of people were coming to the website but nobody had even showed interest in his product.  It was a sad day, but out of it blossomed an even bigger, greater, and better idea….Completion Web Studios!

Nick sought out to ensure that entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups could have a place to go where they could put their product/service/brand online and be successful.  Completion combines animated explainer style videos and top level marketing to make sure your company gets the results you have always dreamed of.