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A Few Reasons Why Videos Are The Future Of Online Marketing

When it comes to online marketing it’s really hard to place your brand in the top ranks among all the top brands that are already there. Gaining traffic for your website is only half the battle. Things become more important when your brand needs to attract the attention of customers and the battle becomes even harder when the masters are already there one step ahead of you.

The major problem is attention span, which is only getting shorter. Studies have illustrated that theattention spans of web users are no longer than 8 seconds! So… the question becomes, do you think a user can grab your message in 8 seconds?

The competition for major brands hasincreasing at a rapid pace. As we can see, nearly 30 billion pieces of content are being published on Facebook alone! And we are no longer used to chunks of text, am I right?

This is where online videos come in. According to statistics, video has enhanced conversion rates by almost 20%, yet companies are confused about whether to make an explainer video or not. One reason might be the price tag!

If you’re still doubtful as to whether to say yes or no, we will help you answer…

Why is video a powerful marketing tool?

Consumer behavior is changing. Nobody wants to read a page of 300 words or more and an alternative is a ‘must’. Videos are definitely a powerful way of information consumption,whether we are seeking entertainment, learning new skills or procrastinating, and hence for this reason many popular brands are making use of videos to boost their businesses.

Do you need to convince your boss with a number of reasons as to why you should make explainer videos?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should add “videos”

Nearly 87.7 percent of web users in the United States viewed an online video in the month of November-2013.

What’s the reason?

Video has become a powerful tool to engage an audience with a message. Hence,videos are becoming as accessible as the internet itself.

Statistics revealed that an American web user watched 248.9 videos in the month of November-2013.

What’s the reason?

Video allows users to capture more information in less time, which is why they are getting watched in order to ingest new skills, for entertainment and capturing information regarding many various topics.

Forrester research says thatone minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, which isnearly 3,600 web pages.

What’s the reason?

Videos communicate more than text and they also convey a larger amount of textmore rapidly.

Studies have shown that a video has driven 90% of Internet traffic and 50% of mobile online traffic.

What’s the reason?

Internet and mobile phones are getting used in almost every home and in almost every sector, hencethe outcomes are great!

Nearly 60% of users read the content of videos before reading anything else on the webpage.

What’s the reason?

Videos can be the first step towardsleading the user to take any further action on your website.

Studies have shown that nearly 41% people watch videos on their cell phone and 20% share videos on their cell phone.

What’s the reason?

Everyday increasing technology standards leave us with new ways of sharing information in the form of videos.

58% of viewers watchthem on social networking sites.

What’s the reason?

Video is a social activity and millions of internet users are connected through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

72% of internet users watch YouTube or Vimeo videos.

What’s the reason?

It’s because they rely on social networking sites to gain new information.

Information presented in a visual form is 60,000 times more engaging than the text. 

What’s the reason?

Videos have the ability to deliver information in a brain-friendly way, hence a large amount of information can be accumulated in a very small amount of time.

A visitor is more likely to continue navigating for the next 2 minutes after watching avideo.

What’s the reason?

A video inspires a visitor to stay on the page for another 2 minutes.

Finally, making a video can be a great source of attracting visitors onto your webpage. However, it’s never an easy task because it takes a lot of effort and energy to craft a video that engages your target audience. And if you’re still considering the price, think again, it’s worth it.